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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 14, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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disappearance of maylasian airline turning sinister. i am bill hemmer. >> andim allyson camerota. >> they are looking at sabstage or hijacking. the plane was flying northeast to/beijing before losing contact with ground control. it changed direction and flew west to the indian ocean suggesting that someone may have turned it deliberately. with so much fuel the search area it expanding and covers the area six times the continental united states. they are live with the latest. >> thank you, alisyn. good afternoon. the radar data suggest that flight throe 70 was floun to the
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islands. fox news confirming that there is information of periodic pushes of data after that transponder went dark and that strongly suggested that the jet continued to fly. malaysia secretary describing the pings. >> the investigator team are looking at detailed information, but we have nothing to confirm at this moment. >> as the search expands in the south china sea and indian ocean. these signals are described as similar to a cell phone searching for the tower and not sending the call dauta. if it was a catatrophic event all data streams would go silent si multianously and that did not
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happen in flight throe 70. >> everybody is saying it was turned off. we don't know that. it could have had a mechanical failure or rapid decompression which is what i think. >> it is redirected to the strait, west of malaysia to the indian ocean. the u.s. government would not take a destroyer out of the mix unless it is it a pla uable lead. >> we'll look at how the plane's technology may help crack the must row of what happened to the flight 370. >> already the republican led house passing a delay of the
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individual man date that requires americans to have health insurance. democrats voted with republicans. mike emmanuel is on the story. mike, what happened? >> bill, good afternoon. 238 to 181. it would perm neptly fix the medicare reimbursement and delaying the obama requirement for five years. >> last woke, the administration said it would expand certain exexemptions for two years, this proposal would extend further what the administration is doing and give all americans relief of the pepalties. >> and medicare reimbursement said a florida republican said the bill gets it right. >> it will provide doctors who treat medicare patients with
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certaintit y and reward doctors to keep seniors healthy and provide relief under obama care. >> the house democrat leader was not impressed. ntoday, house republicans are proving that their obsession with tearing down the affordable care act is blurring their vision and has no bound rows. for the 51st vote to repeal or under mine affordable care act. they are turning partisanship against the health of our nation's seniors. >> there is bipartisan support for the med carr imburrsment provision. the democrats say the delay is a poison pill. >> thank you, mike. and there are concerns about obama care. four out of the five companies
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raised deductibles in the health plans or at least thinking about raising them. melissa francis host of money with melissa francis on fox business. >> this is done by mercer consulting. they talked to 700 large accident and how this would affect them. half said it is under consideration. right there it is almost everybody. >> they are blaming obama care? >> they are. >> exclusively. >> they say the cost of the plans are going up and they have to look at like if you are a man your plan covers maternity care and all of the things that are in there and adding to the cost of the plan. the employer, they can only bear
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some of the costs and a lot of them are beholden to share holders and they have earning's reports and they are pushing it in the form of higher deductible. s. >> they could be having to give more benefits. we refer to it as the cadillac plan. >> they can't make them too rich because they have to pay a tax. if the plan is worth 10,000. and 27500. they have to pay 40 percent tax on the plan. it is it a fine line. and they don't want to at a the tax. >> there are examples of big companies taking draftec action. give me one. >> having your deductible raised is the lost of the pain. look at target and trader joe and home depo, who are wiping out care for part- time care.
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they say obama care is out there. ups cutting benefits for spouses of employees and you look at the grand scale of having your deductible raised pawnful but not the worst of it, too. >> so you at 2 o'clock. >> money. she's so money. despite the democrats losing the special election in florida where obama care may have played a key role. nancy pole peel said the dems will not run away from the health care law and had a warning for republicans. >> i think the republicans aring their time as using that as an electoral issue. >> standing behind obama care is not now for pelosi. >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is
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in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> and i am guessing jon remembering. that jonna great to so you. >> is it possible that nancy pelosi is right that obama care will not be front and center in voter's minds come november? >> i am truly touched by her concern for the republican party. and i know that the republicans desperately want to get political advice from her about what are good issues from them. she said obama carr would be a good issue for democrats in 2010 and they lost the control of the house. and maybe they will think it works. democrats are not backing off of obama carr any time soon. and even if she thinks that is bhad bad advice she can't say
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otherwise. if you are like vote your conscience. it would be a fire sale of democrats salvaging their record and voting against obama care. >> i have seen those stampedes. she's feeling so bullish on the obama carrot heels of the of the democratic loss in florida that many analyst so is a referundum. >> how do you interpret alex singh's loss. >> i think you can over read that race. but it is hilarious by the way nancy pelosi and the white house say it was not about obama care. the only reason alex sippingh lost is not enough democrats show up. that is what anyone loses and why the democrats didn't have a good turn out is because of
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obama care. and going forward. it is true that republicans overplea the unpopularity of obama care generalry. but in terms of the electorate, older and update and people having jobs and health care premiums go up or lose coverage for their spouse that is the ones that vote in elections. president obama consoweded that. >> and despite nancy pelosi's admonition it will not be an issue. do you think that democrats will distance themselves before the med terms. >> a big chunk of the democrats have safe seats. if they being have been woiped out it would have been in 2010. that is why it was disturbing about the alex sungh/jolly race.
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it is in the weaker candidate who is a republican can win there, what does that sea less about the house than it does the senate. the senators are looking at that. and good gosh, i may have to go my own way here. good to get your analysis. >> it is intense when the wedding gowns go on sale, locko lockout. >> after a rough week for the white house, are big money donors in the president's corner. >> and there is west on the verge of losing the show down with vladimar putin. >> and new information this morning on the flight who boarded. >> the plane is on fire.
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>> now developments following's major scare for passenger attacking off on a u.s. airways flight bound for florida. the plane skidding and a tire in the landing gear blowing out and forcing the pilot to abort the take off. after evacuating 149 passengers they had to keep them safe in an open fold. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the nose gear collapsed. no one was seriously hurt. we continue to hope that
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there is a diplomatic solution to be found and the united states and europe stands united in the message of ukranian sovereignty. and there will be consequences. >> looking for diplomacy to win the day. not so sure now. secretary of state john kerry meeting with his counterpart in london. resident in crimea will vote on who to suseed from ukraine. and russia has a she of force. 8,000 troops taking part in training drills and involving trills and rocket launcher drills. john boltop is here. good day to you. john kerry, you heard the president, too, if russian
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threatens the ukranian people that will beg a greater response and cost. based on theac or inaction up to this point what are the cost. >> i am sure they are shaking in their boots. the costs are economic sanctions against russia and very, very minor sanctions and pin pricks that the russians prepared for and preparing counter messages against. it will not intimidate putin. nrussia said it has no plans to invade in ukraine. and russia compared the whole decision to cosvo. >> it is propaganda bow moscow. they don't have plans to invade
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today or just leak they didn't in crimea. they hold the high cards politically and economically. and they are pleaing them out and all leading to a negotiation that putin hopes will give him sway over the entire country. why is crimea? >> and you say nothing in these negotiations in london. and you would be correct on that. and what happens on sunday? you figure the vote happens and vote to do what, then? >> the vote in a crimea in a true and freely fair would be to leave ukraine and join russia. moscow will make sure that is the way it is out. and then i think putin terms the government in kiev and said i am ready to negotiate. he has his boot on the neck and that is his steel of negotiation.
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>> that happens on monday you are saying? >> i think the negotiatingitably is ready to go monday. and the western sanctions against russia will be pin pricks and russia has the momentum. >> what do we do. >> visa restricks and sanctions and all of those assets freezing for three weeks, you think they have waited to be froze ep? they are long gone by now. >> we'll see what happens. simple question on the ballot. do you want to or not. troubling now concerns about general motors following a massive recall. and linking vehicles to deaths. >> an inmate caught on camera. how did he go and what went wrong? >> there were mistakes made by
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he may not get far. an inmate escaping and walking out of the front dor. that walk is on surveillance camera police are looking for christopher brown. plain as day. cameras show him in street clothes. he ditched the jail uniform before he left. release area and said he was due for release. he impersonating that person and torn off his wristband and so
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a process was followed, but it a pores that the process was not followed fully. >> it appears multiple brake downs in the system. you think? >> walking out of the front door. >> general motors on the hot spot and linking to deaths of gm models. and those same vehicles are part of a massive recall where an ignition switch defect that is connected to two deaths and. now they are looking at how gm handled all of this. >> hi, peter. >> the watch dog group said the death toll in this controversy could be higher. data shoes 303 people died after air bags failed to deploy in accidents involving with the cobalt and ion. gm recalled 1.6 million of those
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cars and models. when the ignition ring is jostled it could switch off. when that happens, air bags do not work and though they may not deploy for other reasons. there is a yellow warning light and in a statement, without rigorous analysis, it is power speck oulgz to draw meaningful conclusion. research is under way and the investigation of the ignition switchy recall is ongoing. new documents in the national highway safety administration and show that gm could have been aware of the problems as far as 2001. it is the center for autosafety said they screwed up and should have acted sonar. the agency looked in cobalt crashes in which air bags did
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not deploy, and the findings were inconclusive and didn't warpt an investigation. >> was it disappearance of flight 370 deliberate? what they are learning from the electronic pings on day seven of the global mystery. >> the president said this about obama care from november. >> there is no doubt that our failure to roll out the a ca smoothly put a burden on democrats, whether they are running or not. >> four years to the month, the president asking political donors if you have my back? we'll debate. >> and the americans are getting ink. and a partnerly we are okay with that?
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> the head lones, rescuers in new york city scoured the rubble of two buildings collapsed in east harlem. one person is still missing after the gas explosion. 18 people confirmed dead and doze knows injured. >> target revealing it ignored the warning signs of a massive data breach last year. the company said security software detected suspicious activity but the security team didn't think it needed immediate follow-up. >> the majority of americans don't like tattoos and 20 percent report to getting one. the number of people getting ink. multiple tattoos has doubled over the last seven years. is that a star fish. >> i don't have
10:32 am
freckle. >> just checking. >> all right. that is our top story and new reports of disappearance of maylasian flight 37 answer is notap accident. they are looking to so if the communication were turned off before it turned west to the indian ocean. >> michael, great to see you. i want to let our viewers know that you served on two enquire boards and look in accidents and disappearances and you have to sift through all of the analysis. when you hear the details of flight 370 what do you think? >> that over 20 years and crash investigations covering two fatal military axes and a week ago that a jet would disappear
10:33 am
off of the wreckage screen i would be say it is inconceivable. looking at the xhupgz that the aircraft have. ros, you have two emergency distress frequencies. and that is 12 decimal five. and what civilian pilots. the world will hear it. military pilots listulous to another and the same theory. on the transponders you can set numbers that alert air traffic agencies to a problem. 7700 is the code. >> the fact that they were turned off or not transmitting any information, what does that tell you? >> it is really unusual. up until the point where we found out that the aircraft
10:34 am
turned 140 degrees and headed to the malacka strait my theory were hijack or mechanicical failure. and if you look at air france crash that was occurring bite ice. and the pilots were in a catastrophe and the aircraft crashed and there were no distress calls because the pilots were not aware of what was going o. but the aircraft turns 140 degrees is something in my experience only lends itself to possible sabstage or hijacking and more so sabstage. a cockpit is a complicated piece of equipment. you have to know where to go to turnut aircraft and transponders off. they and you have the a- coils as well. and it seemed that
10:35 am
a hijackuation would have taken it off. >> sabstage what do you mean? >> hijacked by someone coming in the cockpit. and sabtame by the crow taking over the cockpit and not cubing the journey in which they were told to conduct. it was someone some the crew whether blackmailer seek logical problem. something along those lines. >> if it was sabstage. are thereuaries of the globe that are blackout regions and radar doesn't work and the plane would be invisible? >> yes, as it sounds with technology, there are areas in the world, long wave and long-distance radar can't cover all of the radar signatures. and we know about the satellite coverage that comes in phases. and so there are black spots around the world where the radar
10:36 am
signature, i am not talking about the transponder but the physical radar cross-section might be weak or disappear. and it is high frequency hf radio systems and alert they are okay. and talk to various aemgss. nmichael kay, the theories abound. >> all right. it is a rough woke for obama care. enrollment numbers are coming up short and may have helped the republicans win a special election in florida. >> this as president obama reached out to the donors with's fund-raising letter with a question. do you still have my back? is this a story of bad tidings. we'll have guy and julie. both are fox news contributors. do you still have my back?
10:37 am
is that the best message to the donors and doesn't that have an air of desperation. >> every single follow-upped raising letter always has an air of despraugz. they want them to pony up money. >> you are always going to be 30 second away of losing everything and that's why you spend money. >> but do they have his back? >> do the donors have his back? >> big- time hitters. >> i think they do. but the problem is, many people on my party are focused on 2016 and forgot the midterms. when i see heavy hitters setting up run hillary clinton run. they forget we need to maintain control of the senate this year. and if they talk about 2016,
10:38 am
>> we'll take that as a maybe then. >> guy, what do you think? >> i think it is so interesting. here is the president sending out barak obama sending out an e-mail to barak obama donors, spoilers alert yes, they have your back and they will always have your fans and the fans and devotees will have his back forever on. that that is the nature of partisan loyalties. but the issue that democrats have on the senate side is, senate democrats who are vulnerable in a bunch of states, they have had barak obama's back over and over again. and congressional quarterly did an analysis of how often they voted with president obama and it arranged moopg the vulnerable democrats 90 or 95 percent.
10:39 am
all of them and republicans will and should highlight that fact to voters in those states. >> that is an erosion, then, right? >> it is. if you look at polling, there is a bit of an erosion among the democrats in terms of support from the president. they are approving of him. but the reason that the president's numbers are poor in a broad poll, is independents have abandoned this president. >> the point that karl rove made in the america's newsroom. they beat the obama team on the ground game on tuesday. if you look back in 2008 and 12 republicans were whipped in that area. >> karl rove made a statement. midterms and special lecs are not harbingers to come. that is a point rove made.
10:40 am
and i think obama and democrats have a problem. there is a segment of the democrat party who would not mind a republican house and september this year. >> they are talking it that way? >> i think they are thinking that way and it might help a democratic candidate of 2016. this is something that every democrat would deny if called on it. but i suspect they are thinking more. >> guy, we'll owe you one. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> and so you love to ski and snow board. membership. 65 grand. rick what did you find out? >> reporter: bill, it has
10:41 am
a price. most ski resorts are reporting it is up and packed on a day like today. not the herm to my knowledge club. and only 300 families signed up and 46 runs and five chair lifts you will not wait for a ride up the mount ape and the club founder said if they reached their capacity of 1500 members. >> it is 9,000 to 13,000. and here maximum will be 2,000. and 7,000 lift can pasty there would not be a lift line. and you will not so any crowds. corduroy is the wedding finish. and you can ride snow mobiles and close the lifts at four and open them the snow mobile runs
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until 10 o'clock. >> it is 65 this happened and 5,000 a year. and you get a 21,080,000 clubhouseurn construction that will feature restaurant and spa. he said it is pumping money in the tax because. and now the biggest challenge is finding rooms for the members. nright now coping up with the real estate demands. we have built as much real estate as we can. we are planning a hundred unit condo and hotel that will ready in 18 months. >> you can own a piece of the mount 18. >> plus dows and then ski gore. >> it is steep. and then you lose a glove.
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>> have you travelled with my family? how do you know that so well. >> big changes are coming for our military and the drills that pentagon are putting men and women through as women get ready to serve side by side in combat. >> we'll have the bombshell claims against the world's beggest on line retailer. are their prices wrong? . could use a hand,
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>> i am gretchen carlson. a writer who broke the story that the missing maylasian airplane may not have crashed but may have floun on for hours.
10:47 am
plus, why did one of the pilots have a flight similator in his home? does it have going to do with the missing plane. and the update on the tone age that sued parents and what a mom, what she did when her son went down in a wrestling ring. >> all right. when is free shipping not really free? that's the central question in a pair of lawsuits filed againstamma son. they believe they are gouging by advertising free shipping and building the shipping charge in the itemia price. this is the $79 prime membership will go up to nine bucks. let's debail ought of this. we have trial attorneys here. and johna what they are saying, a woman in alabama who figured out shipping was supposed to be
10:48 am
free, she was paying more for the actual item. does she have a sought? don't they always sneak in cost? i grpt you in the fine print, it will say that the cost of goods for prime members may be more than nonprime members. that's how they will get around. >> dow agree. >> bloom. disagree. and i will contain myself. section five of the federal trade commission act is on point here and declares unlawful a representation that misleads a consumer and if that is material, it is unlawful. >> it is a classic bait and switch. you can't say pay me $99 a month. and pay me $99 a month and you will get free shipping and that
10:49 am
alleged free shipping is built in the cost of the product. this woman wants her money back on the time she was a member of amazon prime. if she wins this, does that open the flood gates to tens of thousands of people who are amazon prime numbers? >> if she wins. you are looking at a class action lawsuit. it is a dollar or two. >> and it will open the flood gates. >> the money paid for the freedom membership. the incentive is the free shipping. and the other videos of watching on line is not a real benefit. there was a story this we did that got a lot of attention. an 80 something-year-old couple who was kicked out of mcdonalds
10:50 am
because they stayed past 30 empties. is there a loitering law. >> you walk in and restaurant and you are essentially renting that restaurant's role estate, okay. and if you are renting the table and that is built in your bill. and the only way mcdonald can sell you a hockey puck size of beef if it had a tight handle on the operational costs. you got to get them in and out. >> they had to get rid of the 80 year old. nthough out the legal book on this one. it is human decency and not legalities. and they call it skrun chon. that guy was a decorated war vet rap. i am surprised he was not punching. >> we would love to hear what you have to say. >> and got the news.
10:51 am
>> scott brown exploring a senate bid in new hampshire. you have sewn him lately as a fox news credit contributor, an update on that after this. huma. even when weross our t's and dot our i's,
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>> as we mentioned before the break scott brown is exploring a u.s. senate bid. and in a statement on behalf of bill shine. scott brown's contributor agreement was officially terminated today once he formed the exploratory committee in new hampshire. we add that race and will keep
10:55 am
an eye on that race for november .... today marks the end of a wonderful run for our friend and colleague. alisyn camerota. tried to talk her out of it. she is leaving after escape years and leaves us laughing because that's what a llie does. if it is overcastor raining here in nan tucket and in maine. sun rise will not be visible. preserving. alisyn camerota, fox news. you also could have chosen many other agents. >> that fella is doing a great job. >> that's it. nally: come on.
10:56 am
welcome to the first day on america's news headquarters, we have so much to talk b. >> i can't hardly wait. adorable. >> right now? >> save that. >> oh, my gosh. >> use that curler. come on. >> wow. >> oh, you guys. when tdid you have time to put that together? >> how are you feeling? >> i feel good. obviously it's bittersweet. it's been wonderful, bill, to work with you. i want to take a moment to say, it is my last day. i've had a great run at fox news. i'm worked with wonderful producers like jay.
10:57 am
and jennifer rivera. a great crew. not this one. usually a great crew and wonderful co-anchors. of course, i want to give a shout-out to the wonderful loyal viewers. thank you for having us into your home every day. you can follow me on twitter. it's been wonderful. thanks for everything. >> the best to you. >> thanks so much. >> you'll be missed by all of us. >> thank you. >> classing act. >> thanks so much. ♪ at axa, we fer advice and help you break down your insurance goals into small, mageable steps. because when you plan for tomorrow, it helps you live for today. can we help you take a small step? for advice, retirement, and life insurance, connect with axa. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water.
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and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly.
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fox news alert for you. the mystery surrounding malaysia airlines flight 370, growing deeper by the moment now. new suspicions that whatever happened onboard, not an accident. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story" for a friday. a major theory taking shape now around the possibility of foul play. investigators reportedly considering sabotage or hijacking. investigators say the plane was supposed to go from kuala lumpur to beijing, china, when communications went dark. they believe the jet was airborne another four to five hours after that. military radar data apparently suggests it went


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